Looking for a loan but don't fit the box.
We provide home loans to help when times go wrong

There is no checkbox to life? So why does your loan? Naked Loans has a full picture approach to car and home loans.

Real life happens. Unexpected events, changes in relationships or circumstances, and your situation need some help.


It’s these sorts of real-life surprises that can cause hiccups in our ability to pay our bills, and the result can be a problem in our credit history.


Many people with bad credit can be reluctant to apply for a home loan and get misinformed and told they won’t be able to get a loan. This may not be the case. There is a plan b.  Naked Loans have a range of home loans products specifically designed for people who have these sorts of problems. So, if you’re having trouble because of your credit history talk to us, we’ll do our best to help find a way forward.



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*Naked Loans will consider all applications from applicants. Once all personal and supporting information has been supplied Naked Loans will apply for finance on your behalf.

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