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✔ Car Loans from $2000

✔ Loan Terms up to 7 years

✔ Good and Bad Credit

✔ Centrelink / Pensions Income Only

✔ Minimum age 18 years old

✔ Older vehicles

✔ Stay Protected with our Insurance and          Warranty Products

✔ New and Used Cars

✔ Motor Dealership and

    Private Sale Purchases

✔ Refinances

✔ No Deposit Car Loans available

✔ Low Doc Options Available

✔ Approvals within 1 Business day        after all supporting docs received 

We work for you - Not for the lenders

  • Loan A

    • Self Employed Customers 

    • Personal Car used for work purposes

    • No Financials

    • GREEN Car Discount Rates

  • Loan B

    • Personal Car Loan

    • Clean Credit History

    • No banking dishonours

    • Long term employment

  • Loan C

    • Some banking dishonours

    • Paid Defaults

  • Loan D

    • Centrelink Only Income

    • Not so great banking history

    • Adverse Credit History

    • Banks Said No



Purchasing a new car?

We look after the finance while you find the right car.

Naked Loans has access to the lowest rates and best deals available in the market today.

We have over 30 lenders on panel to find the right loan for you.


We offer all types of car loans and insurance for both personal and business use:


We can even get you fleet discount on the purchase of new cars, so if you need help finding the right car ask us about our 'Find + Finance' Service.

The Naked Process - our guide from application to settlement

Why choose Naked Loans for your car financing needs?

We have experience helping thousands of people buy or lease cars. If you do something enough, you get very good at it & we are no exception. We have helped thousands of Aussies get a car finance instant approval online.


  • We have a great track record of success in securing car finance for those with a bad credit rating. We don’t like to brag, but bad credit car finance is our specialty!


  • We compare low-interest car finance options from a great number of Australia’s best lenders, saving you the credit hits of applying to every single one yourself.


  • Our finance experts can save you a lot of time and hassle as the loan process can often be slow and complicated.

  • We have exclusive access to a huge range of finance companies - including some not available to the general public or through other brokers

  • We will tailor your loan arrangements to suit your needs. So if you want a loan that allows you to make additional payments, then that’s what we’ll find for you.

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We do more than just Car Loans

Motor Bikes LOANS







equipment finance

Naked Loans vs Big Banks

Our online application process takes only a few minutes to complete and we only ask for the information we need.

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What makes Naked Loans different?
  • One application gives you access to over 100 products 
  • Online Tracking
  • Dedicated Loan Specialist assigned to you (Application and after settlement)
  • Unique Lenders
  • Direct Application Portal (DAP) to our lenders - we get approvals faster
  • Fewer declines with our broad range of lenders



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